Our Company

Welding, Fabrication and Industrial Logistics

Serving Industry Giants & Our Local Community

Mitchell Mechanical/M2 Welding provides high-quality welding, millwork, fabrication, and maintenance service to customers in many industries. Examples include:

  • shipping & receiving 
  • safety compliance
  • architecture, agriculture
  • industrial plant operations
  • trucking companies
  • homeowners
  • government contracts
  • road construction
  • military defense contracts
  • local farmers
  • commercial builders
  • sign makers
  • crane operators 
  • ..and many more 

Our breadth of knowledge gives us an edge over more specialized companies as our skills can be integrated across multi-disciplinary applications, leading to innovations that save our customers time and money.

Over two decades we’ve expanded to serve the entire Mid-Atlantic region with markets in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and Washington D.C. Our goal is to provide a first-rate customer experience that is among the best in the industry.

Mitchell Mechanical/M2 Welding strives to provide our customers with the best equipped and most highly trained and safety-conscious workforce in the area. We pride ourselves by taking on a uniquely broad array of projects that give us a “think outside the box” capability in finding solutions to common problems — and not-so-common challenges. 

Our certified welders, seasoned millwrights, and skilled fabricators provide a wide variety of services, including:

  • onsite installation and repairs of equipment and machinery
  • fabrication and installation of railings, platforms and stairways
  • installation of pipe for oil, gas, water, steam and HVAC applications
  • fabrications of all types using mild steel, stainless, aluminum, and titanium
  • architectural elements, overhangs, driveway gates and beam placement


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